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To me this person is the friendly voice that encourages me. When something has been important, I literally stick my Intrinsic card to what matters. It currently lives on my Inspired Wish folder.  It's so much more then just a little card. It is the reminder to give myself permission to achieve my dreams.  My Magic Moments card says it perfectly.

What you think you create
What you feel you attract
What you imagine you become!

When I realised that I carry this card around like I carry the voice of a friend, I wrote to Adèle to thank her. The women behind the positive products is positively wonderful.

I am delighted to introduce Adèle from Intrinsic.

Intrinsic started at your kitchen table, where did your inspiration come from?

The universe really does work in mysterious ways. My husband Jamie and I had recently departed from our previous work-incarnations and were (soul) searching for ways to create a business with three simple ingredients;

- make a difference to the world
- generate a viable income, and
- enable us to work together & spend time with our kids.

One early autumn day in 1996 as the funds were drying up I decided to make a card rather than buy one. I had been keeping a journal, filling it with quotes that inspired me through my spiritual 'awakening'. With one of those quotes, a coloured pen and a little fancy lettering I made my first card. The intention was to give it to a friend until Jamie noticed and suggested this was our new positive business (ad)venture!

With neither of us experienced in art, design
or the greeting card industry I wasn't so sure.

However the universe had other ideas and the very same day on his way home from the grocery shopping he called into the local newsagency and came home with our first ever appointment.

At this stage all I had was my one and only card, so it was off to purchase $30 of colourful recycled card and home to hand cut each card. The newsagent loved what she saw and Intrinsic was born.

Intrinsic is a success story. Do you ever stop to pinch yourself?

Actually just over a year ago ago Jamie and I were wandering arm-in-arm through the Adelaide mall on a gorgeous spring day. We had recently reclaimed the distribution and production of Intrinsic from the Australian licensee and had been doing it very tough financially while we waded out the contractual 6 months of not being able to produce anything to sell. But on that particular day amidst the uncertainty and lack of funds, with our business back in our control I wanted to pinch myself. I felt so lucky in that moment.

Success means different things to different people.

To the bank, Intrinsic's success is based upon whether we can sustain a business, to suppliers its can we pay our bills, to our retail customers its whether we have a great product to sell, to our staff it's about a great environment to work, grow and feel part of a team.

There's no question the excitement wells when we achieve a new goal, overcome a challenge or create a winning design that people love. But to me, at the very core of what we do, our greatest success lies in whether or not we've been able to make a difference and touch someone's life: help heal a relationship, inspire a dream, comfort someone through their loss. A woman told me recently one of our quotes helped through her battle with breast cancer - that's the kind of success that has me all goose-bumpy and in those moments I say out loud "Our work in the world is done for today."

For those just starting out, can you share a lesson you’ve learnt?

Learn from mistakes, failures and your critics and be prepared to move sideways and backward to go forward. Know your abilities, but don't be limited by them - it's what you are capable of that counts. Imagine if I'd allowed my abilities to set my limits - Intrinsic wouldn't be here today. There's never been a better time in history to upgrade your skills and increase your capabilities. Know what you're prepared to stand up for, don't sell yourself short or allow others sell you short.

Be unique and create your own path.

What is the best thing about what you do?

Without question it's the amazing journey! Intrinsic is so much more than a business, it's the place where I get to fulfill my purpose of helping people grow. I get to do so many things I love, which fill my passions of adventure, creativity, personal development, entrepreneurship, psychology, helping others. This is the place I've grown and stretched myself beyond what I thought was possible. I've met beautiful souls, work with talented and gorgeous people and have had the opportunity to make a real difference in peoples lives.

What is the least favourite thing about what you do?

I love thinking big but really don't like following up on all the details - which is a little issue when you run a small business! Sometimes, if I've envisioned something in my mind and have talked about it I consider it done and just want to get onto my next idea! If only I had a Genie in a bottle ;-)

What is your favourite accessory or statement piece?

My Ancient Wisdom journal - every girl should have one! You can keep your most treasured thoughts, quotes, dreams, goals and affirmations inside the pages of the purple and pink toned cover embellished with rich gold foil details. The quote reads:

"Inside each day we are awakened to a new beginning,
A chance to give, grow and create the life of our dreams."

It's such a powerful quote whether you're on top of the world or if you've got a case of the blues - which is why it's my favourite at the moment.

If given the chance, something adult you would tell child you?

During my early childhood my mum and three siblings came to inhabit a ramshackle house that was condemned - in a neighborhood that had its fair share of shady characters. Inside the house was an old fashioned sideboard where I used to climb inside and dream of princesses and castles and all things beautiful. I would love to take that little girl by the hand and let her know she was perfect just as she was, that she had very important things to do in the world and she would need to be brave to make her dreams come true.

A travel destination on your Wish List?

Vietnam, Morocco and India are on my dream list right now. I love a little culture. We cancelled our Vietnam family holiday last year because Intrinsic was going through so many changes and our focus had to remain here.

Facebook or twitter?

I'm an off and on facebooker and the jury's out as to whether I like it or not. On my personal page it's great to catch up with family and the antics of my kids and their friends and Intrinsic has a page which is really lovely to have that connection with like-minded souls. I'm thinking of twitter as a way to share interesting info and passions - and to learn the art of the super short sentence!

Where can we find you online?

For fabulous stories, inspiration, ecards and free downloads each month, hop onto

For products - though I'd much prefer you support your local Intrinsic stockist if you have one.

The floor is yours, anything else you'd like to mention?

I'd like to leave your readers with a quote. When I'm uncertain or lacking a little faith in myself I like to remind myself:

Be more of who you truly are,
that is your greatest success.

I love the free downloads at Intrinsiconline.  My favourite are the Calendar Wallpapers, Monthly Planners and E cards. There's lots more, and lots of positive vibes. Check it out!  Thanks Adèle x

Photos supplied by Intrinsic


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