Create an Outfit using the Colour Wheel

After meeting with an Image Consultant I bought my very own colour wheel. This has lived in my walk in wardrobe since. It's a little worse for wear after being used a lot this last year.

The colour wheel makes it ubber easy to create outfits. You can use colours next to each other. Opposite one another. Or in a triad. My easy go-to option is complimentary colours (opposite each other).

Opposites: orange & blue in similar intensity  

creating an outfit from a colour wheel

Accessorise using the same colours in your jewellery. This necklace I made is incredibly versatile. The range of colours means it goes with a lot of items in my wardrobe. It helps avoid the matchy-matchy look.

blue and orange beaded necklace

The necklace also reminds people where to look - at your face. Alternatively highlight a slim wrist with a bangle, or slender legs with fabulous shoes. Direct people to where you want the attention to go.

The reason Betty-Sue (my mannequin)
will be appearing in outfit posts...

...cause some days I look like this. Betty is willing to be in front of the camera if I promise to put her in a good light.


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