Peek Inside My Art Book - I do a mean muppet!

I came across my Art Box in the garage and dived in past the paint brushes, colourful paper, glitter and crayons to find my sketch books. This box has survived many a cull when I moved around a lot (consequence of share living).

When I was younger I loved to draw

My preference was to draw from looking at something in front of me, like a magazine or photo. I didn't trace, but I liked the visual prompt to guide my mind and hand.

I suspect I got my drawing ability from my Dad. There's a word you don't hear me say often. My parents separated when I was 4. I have no memory from that age. I only know him from photos. He committed suicide when I was in grade 7. It felt strange to not be upset by the news. How do you cry for someone you didn't know. I did eventually meet that side of my family. Turns out my Dad and cousins were/are awesome at drawing.

I do a mean Muppet! I once drew a coke can label for kicks. I may not have known my Dad, but some of those family genes rubbed off on me.

muppets hand drawings

muppets hand drawing then altered by photoshop
altered by photoshop elements

green painting of bright flowers practise piece for canvas
practise page for a canvas

Holly Hobby drawing then used in photoshop
Holly Hobby sketch. Later scanned & altered in Photoshop Elements

12 images all up, see the rest after the jump...

cartoon girl hand drawn
I drew this carton girl often. Always with lips, no eyes

trippy drawing using crayons and glitter
strawberries painting done by hand

painted bright coloured flowers

coke can label handdrawn for art

pool player handdrawn art work

What family trait do you share?
More importantly, which is your favourite Muppet?


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