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This week I've been sharing a lot of helpful tips. Everything from how do I make my resin piece shiny? To how do I upload a favicon? To got any advice for a photoshop beginner? (Apparently I inspired someone to jump on the Elements bandwagon. Go Ceri!).

Sharing all this love got me thinking. I do like to share. I'm a giver, a lover, a real soul shaker. Getting to the point, I'd love to share with you, some of my fav bloggers. There are many, this is just a small handful.   

Elycia ~ Love Elycia  

Love Elycia wearing blue tights

Whilst my personal style is very different to Elycia's, I love how she rocks her own look. She's a little goofy, you just know she'd be a awesome company. Elycia has the most gorgeous teal wall backdrop. She is crafty and hosts 'Crafternoon' with her good pal Chantilly. I adore her outfit posts the most, and love checking out what she's been wearing. If you love cats, taking photos, vintage and dressing up in colourful outfits, you'll be in great company.

Kaelah Little Chief Honeybee outfit post wearing blue dress in front of shoes and wardrobe

Kaelah's blog is a mixed bag of awesome outfit posts, plus her wacky sense of humour, plus updates of her upcoming wedding. She describes herself as 'big hair + ugly shoes + tattoos'. Kaelah is a blog designer, which makes her blog a pretty place hang out. She has a wardrobe with many racks of shoes that I am incredible envious about! Both the shoes and the storage racks. I'm also loving her long locks.

Katrina ~ Pugly Pixel
Katrina Pugly Pixel recommended for Photoshop tutorials

Katrina is someone awesome that I've been keeping all to myself. Perhaps it's time I shouted her name from the roof tops, because she rocks! Katrina loves everything about web development. She's a self-taught graphic design enthusiast. Katrina shares tips and tutorials on the web, photoshop and blogging. Her blog is never short on freebies. Put it this way, Katrina makes me look good. If you've ever wanted to know more about photoshop, or how to make your blog look prettier, put this gal on your must visit list!

share the love card with flower made in photoshop

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